Web Photo Gallery With Photoshop

Create Flash album and Web Photo Gallery With Photoshop
A new way to share your favorite pictures with friends and family with attractive look. You can create flash album with Photoshop very easily no html knowledge required. With out any flash creating software you can create flash with Photoshop in minutes. Web photo gallery option let you create a photo gallery or a flash (.swf) file. With this command you can get a complete album which can be used for a website also.

Steps : -

  • Select photos which you want to include in album and store these photos in a folder at your hard disk drive. Keep all photos size same and rotate them for best look.
  • Make a new folder for save all generated files by this process.
  • Open Photoshop and go to File menu, select automat option then go to Web photo gallery.
  • [File > Automat > Web photo gallery]
  • A new window will open, at the top of the window Select photo gallery style from the drop down list.
  • Set source folder by clicking Browse button. (Select your photo storage folder)
  • If the folder contains sub-folders with images, check the box (Include all subfolders) to include subdirectories.
  • Now set destination folder for save all files generated by this command.
  • You can input site name, photographer name, contact information and date by Banner option.
  • Finally click on OK button and Photoshop will automatically create index.html, individual folders for images, pages, and thumbnails and places them in the destination folder.
  • For website use you can upload all files to the web server.
  • You can view / run photo album by open “index.html” or “name.swf” file.

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