Special effects

Beautiful portraits with blurry background

Take picture with blurry background or make near object sharp and background blur set aperture of camera accordingly. Set the mode dial to <AV> (Aperture priority) to adjust the depth of field.
AV stands for aperture value which is the size of the diaphragm hole inside the lens.

Set the desired aperture –

The higher aperture, the sharper, the picture will look with a wider depth of field. Set a higher f-number and focus than take the picture.

Three factors are responsible for blur background image-
  • Aperture
  • Distance between object and background
  • Lens of the camera
When using a high aperture note that camera shake can occur in low light scenes, a higher aperture will make the shutter speed slower. Under low light, the shutter speed can be as long as 30 sec. In such cases, increase the ISO speed and hold the camera steady or use a tripod.
The depth of the field depends not only on the aperture, but also the lens and subject distance.
Science wide angle lenses have a wide depth of field (range of acceptable focus in front of and behind the point of focus) you need not set a high aperture to obtain a sharp picture from the foreground to the background. On the other end, a telephoto lens has a narrow depth of field. The closer the subject, the narrower the depth of field. A farther subject will have a wider depth of field.
blurry background