How to create passport photo package by Photoshop

Maximum Photoshop software is using by photo studio owner and passport size photographs are very common at any studio. Here we are discussing about faster passport photo creation, you can make a specific package automatically.
If you want to create 9 pp at 4x6 sheet so you can perform this task with in few clicks
We will take width – 1.20 Inch. and Height – 1.70
Inch. And fix these at 4x6 sheet.
Follow these steps carefully --
  1. Open Photoshop and go to FILE menu
  2. Click on Automate option
  3. In Automate go to picture package option
  4. A new window will open Than click on Edit Layout button
  5. Fill a custom name Ex. “passport”
  6. Select Page size to Custom width 4 in & Height 6 in & unit inches
  7. Now click on Add Zone a new frame will appear in side box
  8. Click on this box & fill size in left side text field width 1.2 & height 1.7
  9. Now you can set this small frame as per your need
  10. According to us you should set this frame at top left corner
  11. Again click on Add Zone button to add a new frame it will also appear in side box
  12. Follow 8th step again & set this 2nd frame next to first frame
  13. Just like that we can set 3 frame at top row and 3 frame at 2nd row and 3 more frames at last row
  14. Now click on SAVE button and give a file name than it will save in default layout folder. 

Picture package creation is completed by following above steps you can create more packages as per your need.
For use this picture package open an image which has a size & dimension of 1.20 x 1.70 inch.

Just go to FILE -- AUTOMATE – PICTURE PACKAGE and select your created Layout than click OK

Than you will see sheet we be automatically fixing your target image.

(For more quick working you can set a shortcut key for the same)


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  2. Very important tutorial. THANX

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  4. Thanks for it.
    But I Cant Edit Page Size 4x6. I use Photoshop 7.
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