Speedup Photoshop for slow computer

Photoshop is a very heavy software but by some simple steps you can make it faster.

Go to EDIT option and select Preferences and from it`s sub menu select File Handling.
EDIT  > > Preferences > >  File Handling
After selection Preferences window will be open & in this window Set –
Image Previews : Never Save
Now click OK

For more optimization again go to EDIT option and select Preferences and select Plug-ins & Scratch Disk.
EDIT  > > Preferences > >  Plug-ins & Scratch Disk
In this Plug-ins & Scratch Disk window Set – Scratch Disk  
First         : Startup
Second     :  D:\  (Any free space drive)
Third        :  E:\   (Any free space drive)
Fourth      :  (May be set to NONE)
Now click OK

One more step to speed up Photoshop.
EDIT  > > Preferences > >  Memory & Image Cache
Here your can increase Memory Uses Set
 Maximum Used bt Photoshop : up to 75%
(We recommended that don’t increase it more then 75 %)
Now click OK  and restart Photoshop for save these settings permanently.

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