Image Processing Is The Apparent Part Of Photoshop

Images processing is the king of digital signal processing and it is the part of Photoshop. Because in Photoshop we have to edit the images and apply editing on digital images. Some important parts of image processing are here:-
  • Image enhancement 
  • Image restoration 
  • Image compression 
  • Text compression 
  • Still image compression 
  • Video image compression 

An image is an array, or a matrix, of square pixels (picture elements) arranged in columns and rows. Some time images processing follow some algorithm for editing images. We have to edit video also through image processing. For presentation of the color on our image we have to use RGB technique.

RGB: The RGB technique is the most usable technique in images processing and this is very important for Photoshop’s. The RGB color model relates very closely to the way we perceive color with the r, g and b receptors in our retinas.
RGB uses additive color mixing and is the basic color model used in television or any other medium that projects color with light. It is the basic color model used in computers and for web graphics, but it cannot be used for print production. R is stands for Red G for Green and B for Blue.

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